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Do not think of what you see, but of what was necessary to produce the visible.

Benoit Mandelbrot

Kiwaneo Thinking is a way of thinking leaving the mechanistic approach behind developing into an Organic Mind.

Kiwaneo goes back very far, to a time when people were still thinking synchronously with the earth-consciousness, following up on this ancient wisdom and this way of thinking, we bring this impulse back into the world.

If we continue to develop our current way of thinking, we become a foreign body on earth and at the same time a human fossil under the rule of artificial intelligence.

The consciousness of the earth is a supercomputer, or better a biocomputer, with a computing power that we cannot even guess, and yet we do not know the point in time at which we can sustainably damage this system through our technical ambition.

So far, most developments have been geared to the success of a small group of people and do not involve humanity as a whole or the earth body itself.

It certainly does not depend on a few autistic people more or less, it only becomes dangerous because this group seizes the predominant part of the capital, together with land property, and we no longer know who actually governs this planet.

Kiwaneo is engaged in the field of consciousness and extended natural knowledge with the aim to establish the "Organic Mindset" as the developmental basis of further human activity on earth, so that together we create the future in which we really want to live.

Kiwaneo Organic Mindset: What could this look like?

The interaction with an animal, especially when it has more power than us, or is faster, clearly reflects how far we have in terms of a conscious connection that goes beyond dressage.

It is already difficult enough to communicate with one's own body, it becomes much more challenging when a second body is added with its own independent consciousness.

The training, until everyone knows how the other reacts and nothing negative will happen, can take years. Whether communion is possible, this is decided in milliseconds.