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Kiwaneo is empowering human beings to reach for 100 % life force in all aspects of their lives. Powered by sacred spaces, inspiration & joy – a lifelong adventure.

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What is Kiwaneo

Kiwaneo is life force, training, reaching for 100%.

We support human beings who have a mission that aligns with our vision for mankind and our planet Earth.

We amplify your message by broadcasting it to a larger audience; through consulting, research and publishing expert knowledge to empower human beings to attune to the life force in life, business, as well as in agriculture and in our environment – to unleash the potential that lies within us and within nature.

The Kiwaneo Model

Kiwaneo is unique in its way of synthesizing methodologies which enhance each other interconnectively.  Through the conscious integration of the unified field and the anchoring in the non-duality, the Kiwaneo method gains its unique effectiveness.

If you want to understand the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Nikolai Tesla

Life Force Training

Strengthen your energy field - replenish your zest for life & enjoy vitality

Role reversal - surplus instead of neediness?

or saturation and the right measure?

Vitality is essential for everything we do, sometimes it gets lost, how do we get it back?

Vitality is always connected with a strong energy field, whwich is an image of the Life Force.

Vitality is a prerequisite for longevity, which means healthy chromosomes and healthy telomeres.

Vitality enables us to discover and live our vocation.

Vitality enables a fulfilled partnership, giving instead of taking, being in balance.

Vitality enables the body to ward off attacks from radiation, chemicals and negative emotions.

Vitality helps us to accelerate repair processes in the body, which is the best protection against degenerative diseases.

Life Force.Training.

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