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Bernhard Scholl

My Way.......and the way of my ancestors

Grandpa was a technician and lived in Bochum (Germany). We know not much about him, he was involved in the early Radio transmission and conducted a lot of experiments with antennas and complicated devices in the kitchen of our grandma.

In 1924, he died unfortunately at the age of 28, due to the Spanish flu. My grandma brought him to recovery place in Switzerland, in Graubünden, their one and only trip to the South, it’s close to our current location.

My other grandpa was involved in the aviation industry and employed by Dornier. The company Dornier invented flying legends like the Dornier Wal. In 1923 my grandparents settled in Arbon on the Swiss side of Lake Constance. My grandma opened a stationary shop and my grandpa was part of the team which was constructing the DoX, the world largest flying boat at that time, powered by 12 Siemens engines with 6300 HP.

The story of the first flying boat was dramatic and exciting, caused by the war laws Germany had to undergo, they were not allowed to produce any aviation devices or planes, so Dornier decided to settle in Switzerland (Altenrhein) to be able to produce in cooperation with a division in Pisa/Italy such huge flying boats. The first flight testing the DoX was illegal, but they took the risk to test the steering and the engines, flying one hour with a crew of 12 mechanics and engineers to get the results they wanted. Grandpa didn’t talk about this first flight, so do not know, if he was part of the flying team.

In 1935 the story ended for my grandparents in Switzerland, they settled on the other side of Lake Constance close to Friedrichshafen in Fischbach, bought a piece of land and where able to survive WWII with the harvest on this small piece of land.

In 1956 my parents started their career and in 1958 I was born, grew up with plenty of nature around me, stories of WWII, the „Wirtschaftswunder“ and a beautiful landscape.

Interested in electronics, mechanics, the history of mankind, I grew up and decided after studying several semester of mechanics, to go into agriculture to gain experiences in the field of nature, plants and animals. After my studies in Triesdorf (Weihenstephan) I worked for two decades as a professional organic gardener, producing all kinds of vegetables.

Part of my studies where draft horses and the interconnection between natural spaces, plants, bacteria and funghi, also working with biodynamic methodologies.

Familiar with the business of farmers markets, retailers, the fields of nature, I started my next business, supporting private gardens and consulting with clients who were struggling with plant health and dealing with all kinds of bugs.

Up to this point in time I relied on traditional farming techniques, but missing answers to the challenges of our century, so I looked for answers in Vedic scriptures, Fukuoka, Carver, etc.

I came to the conclusion, that abundance in our environment is closely related to abundance of our mind. Abundance in our consciousness is linked to diversity in our inner world.

Running a CSA for one year at Lake Constance and researching in the field of social agriculture, we decided to take action in getting rid of pesticides, advancing methods of cultivating land only by the forces of our conscious mind, with support of a modern technology based on effects of the quantum field.

What’s new about this approach? The effectiveness of the method depends on the holistic implementation in all areas of life and the personal realization.