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Life Force and physical vitality

Our body is designed for the earth and wants to be cared for.

Our vitality, also our emotions and via our metabolism also our spirit, are decisively influenced by movement, rhythms, sunlight and breathing.

The influence of the imagination is enormous as well in the physical realm, but our physis cannot be deceived in the long run.

Life force, mind and emotions

We control the life force through positive or negative emotions.

Vitality, as life force expressed in the energy field, can be fired up with positive emotions and almost completely destroyed with negative emotions. Depression is a consequence of unbalanced emotions and a derailed metabolism.

The mind is another component, through the formation of the imagination or beliefs, which in turn influence our emotions.


Life Force and Nadis

More vital energy consumption due to dirty energy channels

The forgotten part of life-force research are the energy pathways, even though they are difficult to represent scientifically. This knowledge and above all the effects of it are thousands of years old.

We can compare the Nadis (energy paths) with the network of pipes in our house, if the pipes are eaten up by the copper worm or corrosion, the energy transport becomes more and more uncertain up to the total failure.


New territory: Life Force and interaction with the environment

Nobody is an island (that was a novel), networking as the theme of the 21st century.

For 3,000 years we have listened to wise remarks on the subject of man as an individual and his interaction with the environment, we have understood little so far...

We learn by experiences and their effects. Since our influence, also in a technical way, is becoming  ever more serious, we may learn more intensively now.


We often control the life force unconsciously

through our beliefs and adopted patterns that have nothing to do with our true being.

The Life force can be controlled - like a valve - by our emotions or by our thinking. Our energy field is fed by the cosmic field which is available to all living beings. We always have 100 % at our disposal, but what we retrieve and implement depends on the described conditions on all three levels (body, mind and soul).

Our interest is to improve the energy in the area of the brain, to reduce traumas and to address the brain in its entirety, to consider the metabolism and to include the general nutrient supply.

Through the EEG we have the possibility to make visible the way in which the brain is used, the connection between the two halves of the brain, the basic neuronal structure and thus to create the basis for further development of one's potential.

Restrictive beliefs usually also lead to a lower energy supply of individual brain areas and consequently also of organs. The result of the process can also be made visible with the GDV camera.

One possibility to remove the restrictions is to make the process and the restructuring of the brain aware, e.g. through EEG neurofeedback impulses.

What does our interaction with the environment look like?

The upper Vinschgau region is on its way to a model region.

The Malser way, a quite stony way so far, is an initiative to create a region without pesticides. This is possible according to Dr. Vandana Shiva. During her visit here in Mals she shared her vision of reaching this goal by 2030, htrough uniting our power. We have 10.5 years to go.