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What has to be considered so that electrosmog doesn't rob your energy?

You make your house burglar-proof, what about your body?

Your body is like a house, corresponds to your energy field and this field protects your life force.

Sound penetrates through every window and electro magnetoc frequencies (EMF) enter your house via radio waves.

For your real house or apartment, there are good protective devices that we can offer you. But have you thought about your body, how you can protect it? We will be happy to advise you.

Life Force.Training.

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EMF Special

10 successful strategies to get EMF under control

What is included in the 197 € package?

  •     30 min. phone consultation or Skype/Zoom call
  •     2 Smartphone protection units plus effectiveness test
  •     Checklist with important protective measures
  •     3 months free support for a total of 1 hour via email or Facebook

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Garden & Plants Special

I want my nutrients back! Gardening without chemistry, with joy instead of frustration!

What is included in the Garden & Plant package for 197 € ?

  •     30 min. telephone consultation or Skype/Zoom Call
  •     1 x Clearing, 1 x Supporter powder for watering or sprinkling on the ground or for aquaponics.
  •     Checklist with the main measures to thrive the plants.
  •     3 months free support in the time range of 1 hour by Mail/FB.

Book now via email.

On-Site Special

Targeted steps on the subject of EMF or plants/property management

What is included in the On-Site Special package for 350 € ?

  •     2.5 hours on-site consultation intensive (have your WLan code ready for internet access)
  •     GDV measurement to determine the current vitality, important for targeted measures.
  •     Support for three months by mail (max. 1/day).

Book now by email.

- Products for EMF or plant protection can be purchased at a discount.

- Travel expenses to your place of residence will be charged additionally with a flat rate.

What is special about our approach to improving your vitality?

Charles Darwin once said: "Everything that is against nature will not last in the long run.

This can also apply to man himself, the further we move away from the rhythms and natural frequencies, the more disorder arises in us.

This disorder can lead to all known epidemic disease patterns, especially chronic inflammations as the starting point of the imbalance.

In the plant world, these imbalances are called fungal diseases, bacterioses and viral diseases.

The measures that we propose are aimed at regaining balance in all areas of life and this is particularly supported by the nature of the earth body.

If you want to know who you were, look who you are. If you want to know who you will be, then look what you are doing. (Buddha)

Life Forces - The driving force of life

Everything that exists on this earth has life force and this appears as a radiation around the living, it is a by-product of the living. The life force can be perceived, felt, seen, heard, made visible and indirectly measured.

The earth itself is surrounded by different layers, with different tasks, to enable life on planet earth as we have it today. This energy field is now fully accepted as part of the Earth's body, the human energy field and that of all other living beings is still waiting for this exploration and recognition.

Kiwaneo contributes to the systematic integration of the "life force" in the consciousness of humans.

"Life Force", that is biophysics, that determines the quality of our life, that determines the stability, the resistance, is expression of health and decision criterion, in which direction evolution develops.

The forces are visible to the naked eye when one trains his gaze.

"Life Force" is not an object of the New Age movement, no magic, but is simply part of biophysics and covers parts of the light spectrum, up to visible light.

The halo is nothing more than the physical visualization of a very impressive brain activity and has nothing to do with an overactive brain in high beta mode.

We increasingly have possibilities to make the life force visible, e.g. through the further development of Kirlian photography to the GDV camera (Gas Discharged Visualization).

Life force is not directly related to the aura, it is a part of it and the representation is not yet reliably possible with devices.

An essential point of life energy research is the interaction with the environment.

Everything is in the "Web of Life", everything is influenced by everything. The human mind can believe and think that it is independent.

The body is carrier of the spirit and reacts very well with its environment on the biological level, because also our body is subject to evolutionary development and is tested as a biological model, for its value in the overall system of the earth.


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